Adventure Travel Study Programs

Since its inception in 1985, Pacific Challenge has been offering travel study programs worldwide. We believe in experiential learning, engaging participants by combining classroom instruction with spectacular outdoor activities.


Join our group and explore New Zealand + Australia


Challenge yourself by doing a number of spectacular outdoor activities.


Specific university courses are incorporated to enhance your experience abroad.

New Zealand + Australia

Earn college credits while you venture through New Zealand & Australia’s stunning mountain, forest, and beach environments. Gain insight into Maori and Aboriginal cultures, discover some of the world’s most livable cities, and experience firsthand legendary Australasian friendliness. Try rock climbing, white water rafting, caving, backpacking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, dolphin swimming, SCUBA diving, surfing, and more!


Duration:3 weeks
Group Size:15-22


Leadership + Group Dynamics
Tourism Planning
Adventure Travel Risk Management
Outdoor Pursuits


Accommodation is diverse, comfortable and carefully selected to fit the needs of the program.


Whether a picnic, BBQ or birthday celebration, meals are fresh, tasty, healthy and varied.


You will be traveling in a multitude of vans as you venture around your destination.


Looking for more information? You can request a full itinerary packet. Likewise you can email us with any questions.


You are responsible for your flight to California, but we take care of all international sectors. All international flights are included in the price.


The Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania... We can help you figure out where to go after your trip as you explore the land down under.

Academic Courses

Academic credit is an integral component of this program it is based on the philosophy that ‘real world’ educational opportunities are often a far more effective way of learning than following a conventional classroom routine.

During each program, participants are introduced to a wealth of information regarding the cultures, history and environments of the countries visited. Numerous geographical excursions, incidental learning experiences, and in-house study sessions contribute to the education structure of the program.

Credit earned during the program consists of carefully designed interdisciplinary subject base, carrying up to 18 upper division university semester credit hours, or the equivalent in quarter hour credits. We host a number of participating universities who share our passion for international travel study.

Our Story

Since its inception in 1985, Pacific Challenge has been hosting over 4000 students, graduates, and faculty on our uniquely experiential travel programs. We have earned the respect of numerous universities and outdoor agencies from around the world. Our programs carefully blend adventure, personal development, leadership training, environmental awareness, and cultural immersion.

Our Philosophy

Participants learn the intricacies numerous outdoor skills, including but not limited to: rock climbing, mountaineering, white-water rafting, SCUBA diving, backpacking, and many more practical outdoor skills. Soft skills learned include: group development, conflict resolution, confidence, decision making, and people's sensitivities. We achieve this by creating a climate of trust, positive group dynamics, and self-reflection.

We take the best elements of adventure/challenge and combine these with relevant college classes. This provides a valuable, rewarding, and unique international educational experience.

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